About Us

Hello, we are the ladies of Patterns & Pops - it's lovely to meet you!


Our little boutique started as a crazy idea between friends, and an addiction to Instagram. We thought, we love to shop, and think we're pretty great at it ;) !! Now here we are, shopping for you!

The right pattern or bright hue can really be the cherry on top of some of the basics you already own - we promise to make your wardrobe sweeter than it's ever been; with all pieces under $100 (<-- yes, you read that correctly, UNDER $100!!). Treat yourself ladies, dessert has never had fewer calories than with Patterns & Pops! You can find us online (obviously... :) ), around Denver in our hot pink fashion truck, Patsy, or at our store front in downtown Denver.

And wait, there's still more! Free shipping with every purchase over $100 - now there's no excuse, completely guilt free treats for your closet. No need to thank us now, show us how much you love us on Instagram @patternsandpops and follow us for outfit tips, tricks and ideas.


Happy Shopping!


Brittany and Lindsay